About Us

If you have any questions about MG-400 or would like to purchase our product, please call us at +1 760-536-2543
You can also reach us by email or through social media.

magnotracker@gmail.com – NY (USA)

sergeysedov50@gmail.com – Minsk (Belarus)


IP Sedov is a technology company located in Minsk, Belarus. Many years of experience in geology, geophysics, archaeology, and electronic equipment building allow us to create most up-to- date geophysical devices. We pay special attention to reliability and comfort of use of equipment. For example, we simplified tuning of gradiometers MG-200 and MG-400, as well as gave MG-400 a graphic display, which gives you an express-map and graphs of the surveyed area in real time without need of computer.

Our software “Radius”, which is included with MG-400, is also made to be simple and convenient for user. Moreover, data collected with MG-400 can be also processed by other types of software.

Field work carried out for years on the territories of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia has shown reliability and effectiveness of our equipment.

We are confident that our latest device – fluxgate gradiometer MG-400 – will become a reliable helper to archaeologists, geophysicists, and ecologists.