Magnetometer-Gradiometer MG-200

Magnetometer-Gradiometer MG-200

What is it used for?

MG-200 was designed as a device for quick and efficient search for iron containing objects on depths from several centimeters to several meters. It can be used to search for meteorites, archaeological and military artifacts, communal objects (pipes, containers, armature, pot holes etc.)


What makes it better?

MG-200 is very compact

– it’s bar length is only 60 centimeters. Hard-fixed structure without plugs and cables makes MG-200 more reliable. Strong and comfortable handle grip, compact size and small weight allow covering large areas and difficult terrain. Aluminum body provides superior strength and reliability. All aluminum parts are covered with polymer.

MG-200 is entirely digital.

Three micro-processors take up to 10,000 magnetic field measurements per second, process them mathematically and statistically and allow user to set parameters for filtration of anomalies – for example – to exclude metallic trash up to a chosen size.Data is updated on the screen 10 times per second. There is also adjustable threshold for sound activation. Visually information is presented numerically and as a histogram. Simple and intelligent menu quickly changes modes of operation to suit specific search needs. Fully charged battery allows 50 hours of operation. The device also works on standard AA batteries.

Major advantages of gradiometer MG-200

  1. Filtration of metallic trash is easily set up with one button depending on how much unnecessary metallic trash the search field contains.
  2. Adjustable sound threshold depending on the size of anomaly. This function comes especially handy when searching large territories or difficult terrain since the device makes no sound and needs no attention until it finds the needed anomaly.
  3. Level of battery charge is constantly updated and charging is automatically stopped as soon as batteries are fully charged.
  4. Time of operation is 25 hours on 4 AA rechargeable batteries and 50 hours on 8.
  5. High reliability due to hard-fixed structure and absence of connecting wires and plugs.
  6. High stability of output by three micro-processors.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity: 0.4 nT/m; 4 nT/m;
Frequency of measurements: 10 times per second;
Maximum gradient: over 50,000 nT/m;
Power consumption: 100-120 mA;
Bar length (base): 0.5 meter;
Weight: 2.7 kg;
Battery type: AA, 8 (4) batteries;
Battery operation time: 50 (25) hours;
Battery charging: 120 V or car cigarette lighter plug.

Approximate location depths for various objects

  1. One meter of 70-mm pipe: 2-3 meters (6-10 feet).
  2. Passenger car (depending on model weight): 6-12 meters (20-30 feet).
  3. Tank (20-30 tons): 12-20 meters (30-60 feet).

MG200 is great for locating meteorites from several centimeters to several meters. A two-kilogram meteorite can be registered at 2 meters. Right next to it the device registers over 20,000 nT.

In picture: Measuring the gradient of Braginski meteorite with MG-200

Besides these, there are hundreds of smaller artifacts located with our gradiometers. Special search groups have located unmarked WW2 soldier burials. MG-200 has proven itself as an effective and reliable tool for locating various Ferro-magnetic objects – from war artifacts to meteorites and communal objects.